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Leveraging the TeamSpeak SDK you can bring voice into your game with just a few steps.


Incorporate the TeamSpeak SDK into your Game Client and use our API to start Voice Sessions for your Game Instances.

TeamSpeak SDK


We handle the TeamSpeak SDK Server hosting for your game through our API. Leave provisioning, server administration and maintanance to us so you can focus on your game.



Using our API, you can securely create and destroy Voice Sessions and ensure Gamers personally identifiable information is safe.

About Us

We are LightSpeed Gaming, a Gaming VoIP provider with 15 years of experience.

Millions of Gamers connect through our services provided at, and


We offer competitive pricing based on the Average Peak Concurrent Users daily, on a month to month basis.

Free TeamSpeak SDK FastPass:
Start using our Hosted TeamSpeak SDK Servers in North America, Europe, and Asia right away!
  • Limited to 50 concurrent users.
  • Upgrade to the unlimited service when you're ready.

Paid TeamSpeak SDK:
  • Billed monthly on the first of the month based on the service you use.
  • One time $50.00 setup fee
Pricing Tiers:
  • <10,000 Peak Concurrent Users - $0.25 per
  • >10,000 Peak Concurrent Users - $0.23 per
  • >50,000 Peak Concurrent Users - $0.20 per
  • >75,000 Peak Concurrent Users - $0.18 per
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Client Demo

You can jump right into developing and test out our Connection system using the demo below.

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Please contact us at if you have any questions about the services we offer.